24 July 2013

Pacific Island Guide to Family History Research.

I had a family member visit me last month and I was asked, "How do you even start your Samoan genealogy when our people spoke our family history orally? I am confused at how to start?"
Boy, was I happy to hear this! I showed my cousin the Pacific Island Guide to Family History Research on FamilySearch Wiki. We read over this and followed through the steps. After hours on FamilySearch and talking with my cousin he came away feeling refreshed and totally excited to do genealogy.
I only have a few cousins who actually have talked genealogy with me so this was super exciting for me.

  If you are starting your Samoan Genealogy read this FamilySearch Wiki article is a great place to start.
Here are the steps shared in the article:
Steps of Research for Pacific Island Ancestors
Step 1. Write what you can from memory
Step 2. Gather written records
Step 3. Learn about customs and history
Step 4. Gather oral histories from your oldest relatives
Step 5. Organize your information
Step 6. Organize your papers
Step 7. Track your research
Step 8. Find ancestors on the IGI
Step 9. Obtain and search other records

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