06 August 2013

Not just Wikipedia...there's more?

I recently came across a Fiji Genealogy blog by Carole she shared a whole article on Wikipedia alternatives. Which some I knew and some I didn't know. So, I thought to see what I could find for Samoa.

These are the Wiki alternatives she used on her search that I'm trying for a "Samoa" search.

Wikibooks, an open-content textbooks collection that anyone can edit. 2,691 books with 47,407 pages.
I typed in a, "Samoa" search didn't see anything to interesting except a book about New Zealand History/World War I that talked about Samoa. You might want to try other Samoa variation searches like, American Samoa or Western Samoa or a village. Some villages I typed in search didn't come up. (Apia, Falealii).

Wikiquote, a free quote compendium that anyone can edit. 22,340 articles in English. Here goes my search, "Samoa" this ought to be interesting. Well, not bad, my first hit was Samoa proverbs. 
Samoa proverbs:
Translation: From the direction of the wind.
Meaning: Tell the story from the begining

Wikisource,the free library that anyone can improve. 289,483 texts in English. Search, "Samoa". I like this result I could read all day on this one. Definitely good results on the Wikisource. I typed in "Apia" and got a result of the Vailima letters. Looks like I will be coming back again on this one and trying other Samoa searches. Try some of your searches on this too.

Wikiversity with 20,819 learning resources and growing. I didn't think I would find much here and I didn't. I might come back to this one later on.

Wikimedia Commons a database of 17,908,130 freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute. Lots of great results here.

At the end of the page was this map included in Wikimedia, which I haven't tried before.

I clicked on the link and got this

Awesome! Looks like I did find some great results on Wikipedia for Samoa. I haven't even tried the other Wikipedia Sister projects

Wikipedia has much more on Samoa then I thought. Try some of your own searches. Like a village, an event, even a surname. You just never know what you might find. Share your experiences on your Wikipedia searches by leaving a comment below or on the SGG Facebook page.  

Here is an image of a fale from Wikimedia Commons.

English: Samoan fale construction 1902
Source Image from 1902 published book Samoa Uma, where life is different ; (USA,1896)[1]
Author: Llewella Pierce Churchill
Publisher: New York, Forest & Stream Publishing Company;London Sampson Low, Marston

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