26 January 2013

Wait...how does the name go again?

In researching my Samoan genealogy. I really have to keep an open mind on researching a name. I have come across many different experiences that my list of keeping track and understanding how the name works in Samoan genealogy keeps me on my toes.

I came across an old post on Ancestry.com Samoa message board about a post of an individual who had questions on a surname she was researching in her family history.
Here were the shallenges and concerns of that post:
1) Family members gone by a nickname, usually a name of a grandparent or other relative that is not actually their given name.
2) others gone by the name of their village
3) people have taken surnames from other family members for variety of reasons
-raised by grandparent
-raised by uncle/auntie
-took name of stepparent (not legally adopted)
-took name of grandparent, uncle/aunt out of respect

I agree with the challenges of the above post. I have come across the same roads as well and will add in a few challenges of my own in researching a name on my family tree. These apply to both first names and last names.
4) A person is only known by one name.
5) They joined a church and started a new life, thus changing their name to represent their new life.
         Sometimes this is documented.
6) A name may have different variations of spellings.
-a letter or letters may be left off.
-the name is shorten, when actually it is part of a longer name.
7) If a person received a Title. That person is now known by Title name.
8) Last name and first names are swopped.
9) Person took the middle name of one of the parents as their last name.

Have you had had challenges similar as listed up above? I'd like to hear them. Please post them on the comments below or on the Samoan Genealogy Group Facebook page. These things can really help others researching their family history.

23 January 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Siva & a rare smile captured.

Celebrating with friends here are my grandparents Mataniu and Teila Fonoimoana.
Grandma Mataniu is doing the siva (dance). My grandpa Teila shows a wonderful smile on his face. 
He hardly smiled in any of his photos. This is my favorite picture of my grandparents.

21 January 2013

Samoa Message Board

I shared a post on January 9, 2013 called, "Chinese in Western Samoa". I've had a few questions and inquiries about Chinese ancestors in Samoa. I wanted to go back and talk about that post. In the links that I shared one of them was a link to a message board. I spent some time on this message board. Lots of great

subjects on here. The 'Views' are a high number not the 'Replies'. Still yet, it is worth looking into the subjects. These subject posts contain information that may be useful for you.
Link to Message Board

If you have an genealogy inquiry, want to share a family history resource or tips that have helped you in your Samoan genealogy feel free to post it below in the comments or on the Samoan Genealogy Facebook. These things could greatly help others.

Visit the Samoan Genealogy Group on Facebook 

17 January 2013

Soldiers of the Pacific

I came across this site that I wanted to share on the SGG blog. Soldiers from the Pacific web site honours and records the service of Pacific Islanders who served in the New Zealand Army in World War One.

This site has: details of training, Campaign History, Awards, and Casualties of soldiers from: Gilbert & Ellis (Kiribati), Tonga, Samoa, Cook Islands, Norfolk, Niue and Fiji. The collection of photos can be found by clicking on ‘Faces & Stories’ and ‘Officials Records’ share some selections from their archive.

In my genealogy research I have not come across an ancestor who fought in the New Zealand Army in World War One. It’s a great site that I wanted to share with you folks if you didn’t know about it already. If you do have an ancestor who fought in this war. I’d love to hear about it. Send an email, post on this page or on the SGG Facebook page.

They issue an invitation, “If you have photos, letters, diaries or any other record that can bring their stories to life then we can help each other put that into a greater context.”
Contact howard@soldiersfromthepacific.com

Here are a few links:

09 January 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Young Samoan Warriors

Young Samoan Warriors

Source: The Joseph L. Dwyer Collection American Samoa 1900-13

Chinese in Western Samoa

I came across this Facebook page called Chinese Family History & Stories . Here is a description of this page they posted, "There is a revival of New Zealand Chinese people searching for their roots. New Zealand is lucky as it is a small country and there are a lot of records available. Its a matter  of knowing where to look."  Those words are very true. It is a matter of knowing where to look. This facebook page has great photos, links to their other sites, books, historical photos and more.

Here are their other websites:

In their album facebook they posted a book called, "The Chinese in Western Samoa 1875-1985 by Nancy Y. W. Tom" Below are a few pages from this book. Visit this link to view more.

I've had a few people ask me for some Chinese/Samoan genealogy information. So far, I don't have any Chinese that tie into my genealogy. If you have any information on on Chinese/Samoan genealogy resources, family trees, stories etc. Please post in comments below or on the SGG Facebook page. This information could greatly help others. 

Here is another resource that may help you in your genealogy: a thesis by A.S. Noa Siaosi, March 2010, Catching the Dragon‟s Tail: The Impact of the Chinese in Samoa.