26 June 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Salafai Taimalelagi Malietoa

My great grandmother Salafai Taimalelagi Malietoa
Born: 20 Aug 1882 Safune Savai'i, Samoa, Pacific Islands
Death: 31 March 1927 Mapusaga, Tutuila, Am. Samoa

21 June 2013

Personal Ancestral File (PAF) Discontinued

My grandma never used PAF although it was around in her day. My dad uses PAF. He spent more then 5 years inputting genealogy from my grandma's 5 ledger books into a PAF. I used PAF cause my dad did. I'm sad to see it go. My dad loves PAF even with all the other genealogy programs out there, he sticks to good ole PAF. Beginning, July 15, 2013 PAF will be retired. You can read the FamilySearch blog about PAF here. 
Sorry, Dad. You gotta look for another program.

20 June 2013

The Samoan Tatau

When I first created a Pinterest profile for the Samoan Genealogy Group I wondered if I should post a board for Samoan Tatau (Tattoo).  I don't know the history and meaning of the Tatau even though I do have family and friends who do have a Tatau. I've watched video's and read people's experiences and feelings as they express their reasons for getting a Samoan Tatau.

 I came across a great article on One Samoana written by hamogeekgirl called The Truth about the Samoan Tattoo (Tatau) part one. Here is part two. I have a better understanding of the Samoan Tatau. I can't wait for part three. It's a good read.

Men's Samoan Tatau called Malofie.

Women's Samoan Tatau called Malu.

14 June 2013

SGG Facebook Genealogy Posts

Have you seen the genealogy posts on the SGG Facebook page? If you haven't, take a look at them. Any information that you can share will be helpful.

Here are a few tips to include in your inquiry:
Full name, including any middle name, initials or other spelling variations of the name.
Dates: Birth, Marriage, and Death.
Places where the events occurred.
Residence and migration from county to county, town to town, state to state.
Names of their siblings if you know, names of their children and their parents.
The more information you can provide the less confused people get when they read your message.

05 June 2013

Want to know about Samoan F. O. B. ??

Oh, I'm not talking about Samoan Fresh Off the Boat. I'm talking about Samoan Free Online Bibliography.
The Samoan Sensation website has 550 entries and still growing for the Free Online Bibliography.

The collection are results from online library systems that are sorted by author, title and date. Siamy Siausage, Dr. Paul Cox and W.Eberhard Falck assisted in additional entries for the biblography. What a great resource!!

03 June 2013

Ivan Merriman Lewis - Journal Mission to Samoa 1934-1937

I came upon a website journal of Ivan Merriman Lewis. He was an Mormon missionary in Samoa that served from 1934 - 1937. I was reading some of his journal entries and looking at the photos. When I came across this photo.

The man in the yellow box is my grandma Mataniu's father Apiolefage Tuia. I remember my grandma having this photo in her things, though her photo was in black and white. She photo cropped her father out of this picture and blew it up to put on her wall. I don't remember asking her about the background of the photo but I do remember my auntie (her daughter) telling me that this photo was when Pres. McKay was planning to visit Sauniatu and the Saints wanted to prepare an umu for the celebration.

So, going back to the website, a journal entry of Ivan Lewis says,

There are two other entries on the website that talk about a "feast" but those entries seem not to fit the photo as the entry above does. Plus, this journal entry is next to the photo on the website. Don't know if that makes a difference.

So, who is right? My auntie or the journal entry? Gosh, sure wish I asked my grandma about the photo? I wonder why I didn't? Well, I'm not going to dwell on who is right or wrong. I'm just happy to see the photo of my great grandfather Apiolefaga. I would like to know who are the other men in the photo. If anyone knows please email me. 

This is not the first time I've read through missionary journals looking for information on my family lines. I've had some success in finding family names and dates. 

Even if you did not have Mormon ancestors these missionary journals talk of other locals they interacted with, they talk of villages, births, deaths, marriages and other events. Take a look at the years and places these Mormon missionaries served compare them with dates and villages of where your ancestors lived in Samoa they might mention something about them in their journals that could help in your research. 

01 June 2013


Huummm reading through this link I found of record events in Samoa since 1822. Have a read................ here's the link. I find some great Samoan books on NZETC.