28 October 2013

100,000 Family History Books online

Great news! Family Search announces reaching a milestone of 100,000 in their Family History Books.
Read article below by Larry Richman.

Try a "Samoa" search on the Family History Book website. I'm spending some time on this site. I wonder what I will find? Share your finds below in the comment box.

12 October 2013

Just an FYI

Talofa Folks,

I haven't been posting on all of  SGG sites. My dad's health is not well. I've been focusing most of my time caring for him, visiting him and handling all other business for him.
This by no means that SGG will stop, from time to time I will post but for now my main focus in my dad. Doctors tell my family and I that he has months sooooooo we are just going to have fun, make memories and laugh. That's just the way he is!!

Thank you for visiting and stopping by the SGG blog and other sites.