22 November 2013


I came across this blog called NANILAIE.INFO while searching for family history. The blog is maintained by Mike Foley with more then 40yrs as a writer/photographer. He shares a wide range of stories, photos and digital media about his home town Laie.

Here’s the breakdown of his website:

Since my father has been sick I've been looking over at his family history records and was curious about a man named Tautua Tanoa'i that has been mentioned in his history. I remember my dad telling me a few short stories about Tautua. I wanted to put a picture with the name. A search online I came across this blog called NANIELAIE.INFO that had a  photo of Tautua Tanoa'i.


NANILAIE.INFO mentions many other early Samoan families that came from Samoa to live in Laie some of their progenitors still live in Laie today. No tags on the blog so you gotta scroll and read. I've come across some old Laie pictures, stories, family histories and many more great photos.

Thanks for visiting the SGG Blog. 

08 November 2013

Searching on Family History Books - Opapo & Leota's

I posted a blog on 28 Oct 2013 about FamilySearch announcing the milestone of their collection of Family History Books online. So, I typed in my last name in the search box and got 7 results. To my surprise!! I was happy to see one but seven!!

The submitter of the seven results is my auntie Lemao Fonoimoana Taualii.

First of all, I want to let my family and aiga know that this genealogy I am sharing is public information. I am by no means looking for Samoan titles or anything of that. I just want to know my family genealogy.

Here is the first book I opened up: Relationship of Opapo & Leota's

This genealogy shows how Opapo (my great grandfather) and Aivao Leota are 2nd cousins. Some questions I have about this document.

1. Who are the Cheifs of Faigatu....?
           Looks like they are: 1. Afualo  2.Faimanu 3. Lau...? I'm guessing its Laulu, but not sure part of the name is cut off.
           4.Toa (Looks like an "a" after the "o").

2. What is the rest of the spelling of Faigatu...? (Upper right hand corner) (Anybody know?)

3. Who is Opapo's father? Studying my grandma records, what my dad told me and my own research through various records from various submitters. I have a list of names for Opapo's father's name.
     Laulu, Saulu, Salu, Fonokimoana, Fonokimoana Afualo, Afualo Saulu and Fonokimoana Laulu.

Opapo's mother Malia Toa is solid. Her name never changes is every account I have read and researched.

All the other names in the document above I am familiar with through my grandma's research.

My dad would have been overjoyed at what I found on the Family History Book site. I sure wish I could share it with him. He has been sick lately. He would want me to carry on and continue to build and research our family tree.

Some other tips that I used on the Family History Books site. Try a search of a village, surname, first name, LDS missionary name, pastor name, an event or even a church  name.

Here is the link to the Family History Books site.