24 December 2013

All done moving...

Sorry folks for not posting. I moved and now in my new home. Unpacking all my genealogy and getting it all organized. I should be up and running next week. Happy Holidays!!!!

06 December 2013

Samoan Genealogy Group on Pinterest.

I'm having fun on Pinterest! Most of the SGG boards were inspired from my paternal grandparents. Here is a description of each board. Check out the Samoan Genealogy Group on Pinterest.

Samoan Beauty
 My grandma always shared her photos with me from her visits to Samoa. Samoa is such a beautiful place.

Samoan Books
I can only remember a handful of books that my grandma had. I do remember her having a copy of the german/samoan Kramer book.

Samoan Busezzz
My grandma would share some journal entries about catching the bus in Samoa to see family and friends.

Samoan Coins & Talas
My grandpa collected samoan coins and dollars. My grandpa gave me some of his samoan coins of which is in my possession today.

Samoan Culture
My grandma explained to me some things of the Fa'a Samoa way.

Samoan Dance
When I was small I remember my grandma teaching me a Samoan dance.

Samoan Fale
One of the first gifts my grandma gave to me was a small Samoan fale she brought back from Samoa.
Samoan Food My grandma was not the cooker but whenever she did cook, you better eat whatever she cooked or you'd get sasa!!! Grandpa was the cooker! His palusami was the best!! The photo on the front of the Samoan Food is my grandfather Teila Fonoimoana.

Samoan Genealogy Resources
These are Genealogy Resources that have helped me in my research. Some of the resources my dad and others shared with me and some I found on my own.

Samoan Mat
Grandma had her mats between her bed mattresses. She gave me two fine mats. Fala is general term used for Pandanus tree or mats. Laufala, laupaogo, and lau'ie are leaves of the tree used for mats. Laufala are the popular sleeping mats (fala moe) . Elaborate and high ranking sleeping mats were called 'ie moega from these came falasu'i which are used today as decorative mats for beds and are often distributed at weddings.

Samoan Old Photos 
I created this board in search for old Samoan family photos. Sorry folks if you see a repeat of some photos. The collection has grew that I can no longer keep track of what I pinned. I will do my best to not repeat them.

Samoan People
Samoans are very family oriented and have a rich history of tradition and pride.

Samoan Tapa 
My grandma had all her tapa's between her bed mattresses. She let me choose one I still have this tapa till this day.

Samoan Tattoo
My grandma never talked to me about the Samoan Tattoo. I understand that the Samoan Tattoo talks of your genealogy and family names.

Samoan Stamps & Postcards 
My grandma collected Samoan postcards and stamps. She passed on her collection to me.

Wordless Wednesday 
Samoan Genealogy Group joined Geneabloggers in 1998. This is a topic for Geneabloggers to participate in called Wordless Wednesday – a great way to share your old family photos!

Family Tree Bloggers
This board is designed to give family tree bloggers and genealogists a space to post their own images and links to blog posts.