07 March 2014

Policy Change for Patrons Requesting Photocopies From the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah

I'm going to visit my Hawaiian uncle,........Wait a minute. I don't think you folks may remember that I am half Samoan and half Hawaiian. My father is Samoan and my mother is Hawaiian. I am doing researching genealogy on both sides of my family at the same time. If you don't think I am pulling out my hair everyday.....I am.
It's interesting how in searching for information for both sides of my family history sometimes the search techniques are similar and not. But that's a whole another blog post.
Anyhow.....I am planning to visit my Hawaiian uncle and talk genealogy so this information about requesting photocopies from Salt Lake is going to get him pumped up! He believes he has to take a trip to Salt Lake to view anything of hawaiian information at the Family History Library. I'm not sure if he ever knew he could order photocopies for books, cds, films and more.
I've been eyeing a few Samoan books in the FHLC that I've been interested in ordering some photocopies. I just might take a look further into it.

Here is the policy change:

Here is the link to Photoduplication Request Form.

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