19 April 2014

Family First

Things have been busy with the care of my dad that I haven't been able to blog as much as I would like to. My dad is in stage 7 of Alzheimer's. He is in his final stage of the disease. He is being taken care of at an elderly home. I travel at least three to four times a week to visit and help care for him. My travel time is an hour each way.  My days usually start around 5am and end around 10pm or 11pm. I take care of all my dad business like talking to lawyers and doctors etc. I work and take care of my house and everything else in the middle. I'm kinda all tuckered out when I get home.

One thing I do when I visit my dad is recite his four generations. I say the names and he will nod his head up and down like he is understanding what I am saying or his eyes will be wide open when I say his grandfather's name. I enjoy every moment with him.

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