21 May 2014

What do I do with my family photos, documents and histories?

This is a question I often think of when it comes to my genealogy records. Since my father's illness his genealogy, family photos, letters and old documents have been passed on to me. What do I do with all these records that my father has passed on to me? What if anything happens to me? What happens to the family history?
My father once told me my grandmother wanted to photo copy all her ledgers at the Family History Library in Salt Lake and add them to their library.  It never came about for some reason or another. Years later my family moved close to a Family History Center where for the first time you could scan images and those images would be saved in the Family History Library my father went to inquire about it. He came back saying, " I need to think about it." We never talked about it for awhile. Now, he is terminally ill and I have been thinking back on the past times that my grandmother and father had wanted to add their family records to FamilySearch.org.
Since I have no children and my siblings, nieces or nephews who at present have no interest in family history. I can't wait for them to come around. Who knows what might happen to me. So, where do I persevere my father's family history?
My grandmother and father have had an interest to donate their genealogy to FamilySearch.org. So, that's where I'm going to put it! I have already uploaded some of my father's family history to FamilySearch.org. I'm in the process of scanning more and adding those later.
Hopefully in some future time an interest of genealogy will be stirred within my family, at least the records will be in a place that they can access them no matter if its today or years on down the line.

Learn about Free Records Perservation Service Available Nationwide on FamilySearch.org

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