17 July 2014

Updates in FamilySearch Wiki Samoa

Some new changes are showing on the FamilySearch Wiki Page Samoa. I wanted to show in detail the new changes but it would be a very long post. So, I have the links attached to the Topics that were updated.

Samoa Probate Records
Samoa Vital Records
Samoa Land and Property
Samoa History
Samoa Court Records
Samoa Emigration and Immigration

If you haven't visited the FamilySearch Wiki its worth a look. One of the searches I normally do on FamilySearch Wiki are the Polynesian communities such as Samoa (Western Samoa), American Samoa, Hawaii and Tonga. These are some of the topics that you will find on each of these Polynesian pages they will differ from each page.
 Another thing is, if the topics are in BLUE their is information on that topic. If the topic is RED then their is no information on that topic.

Lastly, take a look at the Pacific Islands Guide. Click on the link here and follow steps 1 to 9. It is a great way to start off your Polynesian Family History.

Don't forget to visit the Samoan Genealogy Group on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I'm not doing genealogy inquiries at the moment. My dad's care is very important to me. You are more then welcome to post your inquiry on the Samoan Genealogy Group Facebook page where others in the community may help you out. Fa'afetai lava for taking the time to visit this blog and all other media sites that SGG is on.

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