29 August 2014

Rootstech 2015 Registration

The fifth annual Rootstech 2015 Conference is now open for registration! I attended the second Rootstech in Salt Lake being in an atmosphere of technology and genealogy meshed in one event was so exciting for me!

From the Rootstech site here is what's its all about:

RootsTech registration is now open!
Whether you’ve attended in the past or you’re thinking of coming for the first time, this fifth annual family history conference will be an experience not to be missed!
RootsTech is a global conference that celebrates families across generations where people of all ages are inspired to discover and share their memories and connections. Whether you’re an avid genealogist or you are just getting started, RootsTech has something for everyone.
This annual event has become the largest of its kind in the world, attracting tens of thousands of participants globally. RootsTech 2015, hosted by FamilySearch, will draw more than 15,000 attendees to Salt Lake City during the four-day event to hear inspiring messages from keynote speakers and world-class presenters. Tens of thousands also tune in remotely from all over the world.

~They've got a Get a RootsTech Three-Day Pass for a limited time discount!
~RootsTech offers classes just for beginners! Click here for the Getting Started schedule
~Add more to your RootsTech experience! Purchase a reserved seat for activities, such as
    sponsored lunches or hands-on computer labs

For more information visit Rootstech.org

18 August 2014

~ Dad & Photos ~

Gosh, has it been 4 weeks since I posted?
To be honest the overall care for my dad takes a lot of my time. The Samoan Genealogy Group (SGG) Blog sometimes takes me three days or more before I have a post ready.
If you don't see a post on the this blog for a few weeks, please don't think that SGG has stopped. I post more on Facebook because its easier for me to do at this time with everything going on. I know that this blog needs some 'tweeks' such as easier links and pins. I'm trying to get there.

Other places to find SGG.

~ Dad & Photos ~
One thing that I've been regretting that I wished I had pressed a little bit more on my dad was 'Photo Time'. My dad has family photos that I had asked him time and time again before he got sick if he could tell me who the people are in the photos. I was successful once but after that nothing happened. Now, I have these photos and don't know who's in them. Sure, I could go to my uncles, aunties, cousins etc. but I would rather get it from my dad.

Take the time with your parents and elders to talk about family history. It is worth it in the end.